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April 24, 2021


Below is one of my favorite IRC exchanges I've had.

<keb> Is anyone familiar with MS Sql? I know this isn't the right channel, but the general SQL and ASP.NET channels are rather inactive. Just need help making one query.
<thumbs> keb: ask #sql
<thumbs> keb: you're very welcome.
<keb> And I'm unfamiliar with ASP.NET and MS Sql.
<thumbs> keb: ask #sql
<keb> thumbs, lol I did.
<keb> thumbs, you just said that lol
<thumbs> keb: perfect. Then you're done here.
<keb> thumbs, lol, should I leave?
<thumbs> keb: feel free to idle and ask questions related to MySQL.
<keb> thumbs, who created MySQL?
<thumbs> keb: you may not ask MSSQL questions here, however.
<thumbs> keb: google it.
<keb> thumbs, can I use MySQL with Sega Genesis?
<thumbs> keb: sensible questions.
<keb> thumbs, what's the difference between MySQL and a ham sandwich?
* ChanServ sets quiet on *!*keb@pool-72-69-37-68.nycmny.fios.verizon.net
<keb> lol
* #mysql :Cannot send to channel